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Abu Dhabi, Friday 20 January 2017

Very frustrating 2 days. Didn't find the fairways for 2 days. Even if my preparation was optimal, I need a few tournament to get in tournament mood... The good news is that I have 5 in a row with still 4 to go... The other good news is that I finished in style, with 3 fairways and .... 3 birdies...

But Qatar is on next week, Jérôme Theunis will be coaching me and Tom Detry will also play, again 2 Belgians on the players list...

Abu Dhabi, Thursday 19 January 2017

A first round stays a first round, not my preferred rounds... I was not in my full scoring mood...

I hope to sign a better card tomorrow, I'm perfectly prepared so I can only grow with the number of rounds, hopefully it's gonna be 4 this week...

The Abu Dhabi course is immaculate and the Peter Harradine proves one more time that it's one of the better design on the calendar.

Let's have a second great round to pursue my preparation to play at my best...

Season 2017 starts with our golfcamp in Dubai

Dubai, Thursday 12 January 2017

After 3 weeks of physical training, I arrived early this week in Dubai to prepare the 2017 season.

Mich, Jérôme and Vincent are here to implement our 2017 plan.

Jumeirah Performance center is a perfect setting for our preparation, thanks Mark Gregson for your hospitality.

Not many changes in the bag, the EPIC GBB Driver is in of course.

From next week in Abu Dhabi, I'll play 5 tournaments in a row.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Brussels, Wednesday 21 December 2016

2016 was an interesting year and a little bird told me that 2017 will be full of surprises...

I had a look on the calendar and I might well play 5 tournaments in a row from Abu Dhabi. After a break, I need to warm the engine on the race track. There are so many differences between a practice game and competition that I need to warm up to race at full speed...

I might as well play one or two tournaments on the PGA Tour in March this year,  then come back on the European Tour in Morocco after a training camp at Anahita in Mauritius in the early days of April.

2017 will be a year with some new features like the Rolex Series, the calendar management will be key, very interesting also...

And I'm also looking forward to play along Tom Detry, and I know that Thomas Pieters feels the same... Tom had the best start he could dream of in South Africa but the season is long and demanding. With the new rules, top 100 R2D is the new limit to get a Tour card! Players will need well over 300.000 points, a strong challenge...

Before wishing everybody all the best for 2017, I want to thank all of you who worked with me, sponsored me, cheered for me, helped me, criticized me ;o) and loved me during these 365 days of 2016... From the heart, thank you...

Annual PGA Recognition award

United Kingdom, Tuesday 13 December 2017

Flying to Glasgow to meet 700 Golf Pro's during their annual meeting, really looking forward to. So proud to be their Honor Guest and to talk golf with Dougie Donnely, the golf journalist, in front of such a "connoisseur" crowd. After Bernard Gallacher, Sam Torrance, Monty and Paul Lawrie, I'm the first continental player to be invited and this means something. The sincere passion I always expressed on the UK golf courses might be a factor, the Ryder cup might be another. In any case, Belgium is honored!

Before that, I'll jump in the BBC studio's for A Question of Sport... Always fun to attend those sports TV shows...

Brillant Thomas Detry opens his season with a podium

Brussels, Sunday 4 December 2016

Thomas Detry offers me the best Santa Claus gift he could! This 3rd place on his own is a strong statement. Next year's card will be well over the 300.000 euros because of the Rolex series and the restriction of a Tour card for the Top 100 instead of Top 110. As we don't still know how Access list will evolve, top 5 will be needed to gain enough points for the Race 2 Dubai. That's exactly what Tom did. All credit to him... Chapeau pey!

We also organized this week-end organized a junior training camp in Hulencourt and The National with Mich, Jérôme and Vincent, pursuing our quest to help young players to play at their best. Tom was part of that a few years ago and he trained with us as much as we could. I'm a great believer on that process and will continue to do so with my team... Because of our reputation outside Belgium, we have helped since 3 years now a french junior, he's now a member of his National Team, and he's only 15 coming for week-ends from Grenoble... Motivation and dedication are irreplaceable in sport!

Thanks to Blaise Erpicum for your help to our coaching team...

Pictures Philippe Gaudy Gallery - Training Camp December

ISPS World Cup of Golf Kingston Heath Golf Club

Melbourne, Saturday 25 November 2016

Tomorrow will be the last round of this 2016 season, Thomas and myself we lust admit that we are too tired to play for the win, but nevertheless don't count us out for a great round on Sunday!

Come on Belgium!

Melbourne, Thursday 24 November 2016

I love Australia, love this Golfcourse, love to play for my country, love to play with Thomas Pieters and I'm in love with an Australian beautiful woman... Do I need more reasons to be happy to play this wonderful tournament in cold and windy Melbourne?

Last time I played the World Cup, it was with Jérôme Theunis, now he's my coach... This time, it's with a Ryder Cup player, one of the European hero of Hazeltine: Thomas PIETERS.

10th for now, but we have enough game to climb up the ranking...

Let's go Belgium...

DP World Duabi Final Final Series

Jumeirah, Saturday 19 November 2016

A roller coaster day... with eagles, birdies and bogeys... A great long game, but still 4 shots given to the course... The greens are extremely fast and when you're not in the right pocket on the greens, you're in 3 putts zone...

Really tired because due to fog this morning we had 50 minutes delay. The referees were after us like hell to be sure that everybody could finish... this asked so much concentration in that humid warmth that I was drained after 18 holes... and a great eagle at the 18th, the highest 4 iron that I could do to stop the ball on the green...

In good position, let's see what tomorrow brings...

Jumeirah, Friday 18 November 2016

A good round of long game but a cold putting... My two first putts didn't fall, and I didn't find the good speed, greens were faster than yesterday morning. Molinari had a good Mojo today, he likes the course and had a great feeling on greens.

Two more days to climb that scoreboard under a generous sun... The warmest final in Dubai as i can remember...

Jumeirah, Thursday 17 November 2016

Maybe one of best display of shots this year. Could have been lower with birdies opportunities on 11-12-13-14 and 17... but overall I'm quite pleased with my game.

This Earth course suits my game, much more than the 2 previous courses of the Final Series. This is a course when great driving can help your scoring, that's why Rory and Stenson do always well here... And the course needs also high trajectories to fly over deep bunkers to find small pockets on greens. This is the secret of Greg Norman, the golf architect, here at the Earth Course, he splits the greens in different pockets so, to have a birdie opportunities, you need to find the right pocket (where the flag is) and then read the proper break on those fast greens...

Tomorrow 12:40 with Cicco Molinari, one of the finest gentleman on Tour ... Great day for the family where Dodo Molinari won his card back on Tour through the very demanding Qschool Final (6rounds) in PGA Catalunya!

And what a round for Riccardo Gonzalez 64 (-8) on the last day, under the most pressure, to secure his card.

Congrats to the top 25...

Jumeirah, Wednesday 16 November 2016

Great week here in Dubai, this is the final tournament of the season,

Yesterday we had the Rolex Pro-Am with a nice team and today a serious practice day with Mich Vanmeerbeek and Pete Cowen together with Thomas Pieters. We will be fine tuned for next week tournament: the World Cup in Melbourne. Thanks Mark Gregson for using the Jumeirah Performance Center.

But first the huge Earth course to tackle during 4 rounds. I play tomorrow at 9:35 with Alejandro Canizares.

It's quite hot here in Dubai, it('s good to play in 2 balls to move faster!

And what about the Mannequin we did together.. Funny, no?