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The Olympics RIO 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday 17 August 2016

What a wonderful performance by our National Hockey Team, so proud of them and we had great fun celebrating this win and the future medal...

This is my last day in Rio, it was an amazing experience!

Now I need to prepare for the European Tour Schedule, my next event will be in Switzerland in Crans Montana...

Rio de Janeiro, Monday 15 August 2016

Well this was the most extraordinary week in my career alongside Medinah, my 72nd hole was very emotional, it was 500 meters with my Great grandmother in mind. We lived together at home and she was the one who told me all the stories about the Olympics. I couldn't hold on my tears even when playing.

This last round is also unforgettable because we played together with Thomas, having both in mind a medal for Thomas. Mind blowing experience to have build that Team Belgium together with Mich and our caddies.

Golf is an Olympic sport by essence, the tournament was brillant and the podium is just great with Justin, Henrik and Matt! Who could dream of a nicer podium, the absentees were wrong, the sport is the winner!

I'm staying here in Rio to follow the Field Hockey team, with a medal in sight there I hope!

Thanks to all the support: Jan, Marc, Emilie and all the supporters and the press! See you in Tokyo!

Rio de Janeiro, Friday 12 August 2016

A cold scoring Friday for my part but a hot one for Thomas; great -9 in total.

Rio de Janeiro, Thursday 11 August 2016

Go Team Belgium!

Happy to have found some momentum on the back nine with 3 birdies, after a very slow start... I don't know why I had so many photographers with men where the majority of them participated for the first time on a golf tournament! They were clicking in the swing and during putts. I got nervous and I had 2 x 3 putts on the front nine. I had to stay patient and hopefully I came back nicely on the back nine.

The greens are treacherous and the wind was really blowing. Not an easy task...

Thomas Pieters did great. Off to a good start, both of us, come on Belgium!

Tomorrow we'll play later thus with more wind and spiked greens...

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday 10 August 2016

Emotions yesterday as my driver's head went broken... Hopefully I always travel with a spare head, so we could change it...

The olympic games are enormous, life in the Village is so interesting with all nationalities and different sports gathering together. This is certainly a life time experience, I enjoy it so much, so does my team, we have waow's effect every 10 min, I could live here forever... haha... I knew I would love the OG but I never imagined that it would have been so exciting and enjoyable, full of energy, I love it...

The more you play the course the more you find the complexity of the greens and surroundings, greens are quite undulated and nobody should underestimate the influence of the winds that can be strong!

Tomorrow starts the competition!

Rio de Janeiro, Monday 8 August 2016

First round on a demanding course, its more much subtle than it looks. Even If Gil Hanse, the course architect, keeps saying I've made a future average course. But knowing Gil Hanses's course I was prepared

Rio de Janeiro, Sunday 7 August 2016

Great atmosphere in the Team Belgium with the performances of The National Hockey Team where I was a passionate supporter, the win of  Kristel Flipkens and of course the Golf Medal of Greg Van Avermaet... Couldn't dream of a better start,

Went practising for the first time at the Golf but I can't wait the arrival of Brian and Mich for the serious stuff... First holes on Monday...

Rio de Janeiro, Friday 5 August 2016

The family bound with the Olympics continues 68 years after my great grandfather Jean-Jacques Tensen, who participates at 5 Olympics (1920-24-28-36-48). It was an honor to represent my country during this Opening ceremony, I enjoyed each moment... even the waiting...

What an atmosphere, what an energy, so many smiling faces, how sport can be extraordinary... a moment to cherish and to treasure... Unforgettable!

By the way, 20% of the Belgians delegation were golfers, it was time that golf came back at the Olympic games haha...

Rio de Janeiro, Thursday 4 August 2016

Arrived this morning, immigration kept asking my accreditation but it was waiting for me in the hall 100 meters further. Finally they let me go through...

Waiting seems to be the keyword, if you can't wait, you can't survive... Lesson 1.

I spent the day discovering the Village and the other delegations... Interesting to see all those faces, wondering which country and which sport they are representing...

It's time also to meet the Belgian Team and as you know tennis and field hockey, the two other sports I practiced a lot till I was 17 years old...

Brian Nilsson and Michel Vanmeerbeek are arriving in a few days, Jan Baert Head of the Belgian golf delegation is arriving on Saturday, we'll be all set on Monday for the beginning of the Tournament.

USPGA - Baltusrol - New Jersey

Springfield, Thursday 28 July 2016

The week began better than the way my round ended during this first round. One bad drive on my 16th hole was very costly, it's a pity, I was cruising well at -1...

Will need a strong Friday to make the cut... the forecast is pretty wet... we'll see...

Solid round from Thomas Pieters!

USPGA Baltusrol GC New Jersey 4th Major

Springfield, Thursday 21 July 2016

Happy National day to all Belgians on earth!!! Have fun tonight!

The good news of the week is the invitation received from the USPGA to play the 4th Major of the year!

Leaving Sunday for New York and the Baltusrol course, an old style design, long, demanding track with fairways surrounded by big old gracious trees.

Great preparation for Rio!

The Open Royal Troon

Troon, Saturday 16 July 2016

Nearly a great round. Having to wait on hole 13 for 30 min for a ruling for S. Lee killed my mojo, rythm and momentum... But it's part of a Major tournament. too bad...

I was really cruising well -3 after 12, before the first bogey for a 3 putts from outside the green...

After that I had 2 more opportunities for birdies on 16 and 17 but didn't succeed to convert them...

Over all satisfied before the last round.

In the afternoon, participated at the SKY  sport TV coverage with Nick Dougherty and did an autograph session for 50 kids, together with Thomas P., it was fun to see all those happy faces!

Troon, Friday 15 July 2016

All my support to the families affected by the tragedy in Nice!

The golf was tough today but compared with what happens in the world, we need to take into consideration that life continues for us...

Once again the luck of the draw was for other players, I had storm and rain, a lot of rain...

It was a battle against the elements and the course, 2 bad swings were very costly, 1 unplayable ball and 1 O.B. but a great finish in style... I hope I'll be dry for tomorrow 18 holes...

2 Belgians at the start 2 Belgians at the finish, both in the same room at the hotel... Strong together!  Very few countries can say that... Be proud to Be Belgian!

Troon, Thursday 14 July 2016

A solid start and a weak finish, 3 "soso" swings and 4 strokes were added to my card. You can't afford that in a Major Tournament. So I'm frustrated right now and I need to wait quite a while before going on the course to play during the week-end. This golf 68 great shots and 3 bad ones...

They spell a lot of rain tomorrow... I hope the greens will keep their pace and that the rain won't affect too much their roll...

Troon, Wednesday 13 July 2016

With Thomas P. we played 18 holes on Tuesday with Adam Scott, and 17 more holes today. Ready for the battle.

The back nine will be a severe test, with he wind in the face, some of the holes are brutal... But it's a Major, and it's quite normal to have a demanding course.

The famous 8th, the Postage Stamp, proves if need be that par 3's don't require to be over 150 meters to be great. In my opinion there should be 2 par 3's under 150 meters on each course, short but interesting and fun to play!

You can have 4 season in a day here, mostly cloudy, windy and very fresh with some rain and even sunshine every now and then. Weather will play its role like usual, you just want to have the luck of the draw...

Troon, Monday 11 July 2016

A nice drive through the country and I arrive around midday at The Open.

Guess who's my room mate for the week?  Thomas Pieters of course... haha

On Friday just before 4:00 PM, this certainly the latest I ever started a round. I know that Tom Detry has a record much later in St Omer but this was not his normal schedule!

What a pleasure to be here, last time it was in 2004, my first Major, and I don't have great memories from this experience, so I have a revenge to take!

My good ol' reliable Vinnie will arrive on Wednesday for another chapter of our adventures...

Scottish Open Castle Stuart Aberdeen Asset Management

Inverness, Sunday 10 July 2016

30 on the back nine and there comes Troon on the program!

Quite proud of my game. From tee to green, this was a great round, let's continue this form next week during The Open. I played there my first Major in 2004, good memories...

Playing well since two months now, I need to make the best of it, Troon is on timing!

Thanks Thomas for your great Tweet, come on Belgium in Rio and on the World Cup ! Two Belgians in a Major, what a nice moment!

Top 30 R2D is in sight... (31rst for the moment).

Inverness, Saturday 9 July 2016

Great crowd here in Castle Stuart, very passionate also.

Interesting move on this Saturday, I will need a good start, a better one than Sunday in Paris! But I feel good through my game, will need one or two good breaks to have a low one!

Thanks for your support and the interacting on my blog...

Inverness, Monday 4 July 2016

Happy National Day to all Americans!

After a short night, I'll go for a quite first day here in Inverness. The week in France was very tiring and some rest is needed!

Beautiful course, a real links and we'll need to fine tune all trajectories during the preparation days.

Not too warm here and a drizzle, typical...

Open de France Alstom

Golf National, Sunday 3 July 2016

Not the start I wanted! Between 2 clubs on the 2nd, good for a wet shot! Then disturbed by a marshall in my swing and I was upset and 4 over par after only a few holes.

Not enough fairways, not enough greens but a great fight till the end!

Well done Tongchai Jaidee! Sawadikap man, you're a real champion with a the great names who couldn't beat you. Hats off...respect...

Great to play again with "Cicco" Molinari who is enjoying success on the PGA Tour. Always fine to see you again Francesco and Valentina...

And what about the Belgian Trio, 3 in the top 25. Rookie Detry had a wonderful week. Vince, Mich, Jerome, Thomas, everybody there to share this week as good as we can... Back on the Challenge Tour with even more confidence and ambition for Tom starting next week in Slovakia.

Tomorrow 5:00 AM ready for the next flight to Inverness. On the road again... Scottish Open on a golf course I like: Castle Stuart, here I come!

Golf National, Saturday 2 July 2016

A tough day today with that wind. One regret: one or two putts could drop on the back nine...

How nice it is to play a round with a gentleman like Anders Hansen! Who can tell, Anders is 46 years old when you look the scoreboard? This course is so demanding that experience is a major asset. Everybody will make mistakes with this kind of rough and wind, the winner will be the one who makes the fewest mistakes and holes some opportunities also!

Tomorrow a top 10 could mean a ticket to The Open, I'll take it with pleasure...

Golf National, Friday 1 July 2016

Belgians are cruising here at the Golf National, the 3 Musketeers in the top 20... but the road is still quite long...

Special mention for Tom Detry who played great golf to make his first cut on his his first European Tour played as a Professional! Waow!

It was great meeting Jean Garaialde tonight and remembering old memories of Flory Van Donck and Donald Swaelens...

The Belgian national Football team didn't play their best against Wales, the better team won...

Golf National, Thursday 30 June 2016

A kind of a "goût trop peu", after this round...

Played really well, but some putts shaved the hole and I'm at -1. I would need more birdies tomorrow... Looking at the scores it seemed that the afternoon was tougher to score.

Quite proud of our pair of Thomas! Pieters on top and Detry at +1. Come on Belgium...

Thanks Xavier Malisse for your visit, always inspiring! A lot of Belgians, to support us, we like that!

Come on Belgium against Wales!

BMW International Open Pülheim Germany

Gut Larchenof, Thursday 23 June 2016

Slow start, too many bogeys, Jerome was not happy of my green reading and we worked on it. A few errant tee shots also, I must confess...