Professional Golfer

About Me

Born in Brussels, 14 November 1982
Resident in Brussels - Belgium
Professionnal golfer since November 2000
Last handicap as an amateur: +5

My Influences

My first passion in life is Sport.

My father comes from a family with a couple of Olympic appearences, so I was naturally driven into a certain sporty education. I would play around five different sports on a weekly basis until I was 16 years old, dropping tennis and squash on the way and keeping field hockey as my last until 18 years old.

I miss team sports very much, and always thought of myself as a very good asset in any team event. Too bad we don't get to play more team events in professional status.

We sportsman always keep a close eye on sports we come across. Because I think that you learn a lot from watching others in any sport and the different situations being faced.

I have great respect for: John McEnroe, Goran Ivanisevic, Valentino Rossi, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Severiano Ballesteros, Fred Couples, Bobby George, Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane...

My second passion is Music.

Music is the best company when travelling around the world. My iPod is in constant evolution but to be fair, it has about 70% of deep house music on it.

Podcasts are the way to go if you want find the hot tracks and trends.




Nicolas Colsaerts is a Belgian golf professional and a regular member of the European Tour and the PGA Tour.

Having retained his privileges on the European Tour and the PGA Tour, Nicolas is competing in both Tour events for the second year.


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