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First, let me tell you that playing golf as a professional is no "easy job".

Over the last three years as a "pro", I have come to understand and appreciate that a strong entourage is a key factor to a steady performance and success. I could not have done any of it without my family, friends and my "team".

Let me introduce you to my team...

Manager : Vincent Borremans

Vincent is in charge of all my day-to-day coordination - coaching, logistic, business, press, European Tour, partners,... He is certainly essential for helping me out with my coaching, a crucial key in any kind of professional preparation, and is building the "Competence cell" around me.

Vincent is my confidant. I can tell him anything and everything.

He's someone who will accept the good and the bad news and who knows instinctively how I feel. His job is to anticipate and to know what a sportsman like me needs in order to perform. Not an easy job either.

Technical Coach : Michel Vanmeerbeek

For the technical aspects of my game, my safe choice has always been Michel Vanmeerbeek. Not only because he knows my golf swing since I was 8 years old but also because he has witnessed every step in my pro career.

He's real engineer of the golfswing, constantly studying the essence of the movement for more simplicity and performance. By the end of 2005, it was time to build something solid and long-term, something that went further than playing one season at a time. Since then, Mich gave me one of the strongest ball striking and long hitting on Tour. My win at the Volvo China Open was a great example of the efficiency of his work. It's through Vincent and Mich that I went to Dave Stockton for my putting.

Caddy : Brian Nilsson

When I needed to find a caddy for my return on the European Tour in 2010, I asked some advice to my friend and previous caddy, Chris Liley, who knew my style.

In the short list, he pointed out Brian Nilsson who happened to be an Aussie (which is an asset) with a cool and gentle personnality. He also had quite a lot of experience throughout the world, Asian tour, European Tour and US PGA Tour.

Brian was a Touring pro himself before embracing the art of caddying.

Brian married a Thai and they live in Thailand, a country that he made me discover and I liked everything about it.

It is now the fourth year that he's on my bag and we are both very happy of what we have achieved together.

Coach : Jérôme Theunis

Jérôme is a longtime friend, we grew together and now I have the pleasure to have him in my coaching team. Michel will learn him the fundamentals of the swing and all his experiences in 20 years of teaching. Jérôme is a passionnate golfer and likes pretty much everything around the short game. As we have a perfect synergy all together, he will come with me on a lot of tournaments, to coach me and also to learn more on the game at the highest level! Jérôme is born in 1980 and turned pro in 2003 after 5 years University in the States. Jérôme played between 2003 and 2010 on the Challenge Tour and the Alps Tour.

So, let me introduce the rest of my team...


Physical trainer : Richard Vanmeerbeek

Richard is the son of Michel and a star in the very exclusive world of CrossFit (want to know more? pay a visit to this site)

We have started working together at the beginning of 2012. He is very good at training other athletes and he knows very well the game of golf.


Physiotherapist : Blaise Erpicum

Blaise is my "physio". He has an extraordinary feeling about bodies. Like no other, he can recreate a wonderful balance, heal all pains and liberate muscular problems. By the way, he is a passionate golfer too.

Medical Counsel : Dr Serge Balon-Perin

A sports doctor and a nutritionist with a dynamic approach, Serge analyses every aspect of the functioning of my body. Thanks to him and his advice, I am able to maximise my energy and my concentration, a precondition to compete on the European tour !

and last but not least...

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